CEO of Music Tomorrow Julie Knibbe

With a near-decade-long track record building up innovative music & data products and leading product teams at Deezer and Soundcharts, Julie Knibbe established herself as one of the most prominent music data product experts globally. Having founded Music Tomorrow back in 2020, Julie has leveraged her product management expertise and network to quickly turn the company into one of the leading voices in music data and a go-to place for businesses looking to find a new way to work with music data.

Course curriculum

    1. Define a target audience and set goals

    2. Develop the marketing plan

    1. Overview of analytics tools

    2. Case Study: Marshmello and Fortnite

    3. Case Study: Claire Rosinkrantz

    4. Thoughts on A/B testing

    1. Track growth levers and revenue

    2. Keep your team engaged

About this course

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  • 8 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content