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Your Instructor

CEO of Music Tomorrow Julie Knibbe

With a near-decade-long track record building up innovative music & data products and leading product teams at Deezer and Soundcharts, Julie Knibbe established herself as one of the most prominent music data product experts globally. Having founded Music Tomorrow back in 2020, Julie has leveraged her product management expertise and network to quickly turn the company into one of the leading voices in music data and a go-to place for businesses looking to find a new way to work with music data.

What you will learn

    1. Introduction

    2. Why should you learn about streaming SEO?

    3. From where do people stream the most?

    1. The four types of listener behavior

    2. What percentage of streaming users are music savants?

    3. Do DSPs have an incentive to favor diverse listening on their platforms?

    4. Survey Answer: Do DSPs have an incentive to favor diverse listening?

    1. Introduction - Behind the algorithms

    2. Content filtering explained

    3. Collaborative filtering explained

    4. Modelling user tastes and behaviors

    5. Survey: Skip probability

    6. Song skipping behaviors

    7. The Spotify recommendation pipeline

    8. Further reading

    9. Knowledge check

    1. Optimizing for content & audio similarity

    2. Optimizing for behavioral similarity

    3. Your ultimate streaming SEO checklist

    4. Knowledge check

    5. Assignment

    1. Take a moment to share your feedback with us!

About this course

  • 22 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

A little something extra

Enroll in the course to get lifetime access to these exclusive materials & perks

  • An Ultimate Streaming SEO Checklist

    A PDF to help you keep track of the main steps and action points you need to keep in mind when preparing your next release. Make sure that the deck is stacked in your favor when it comes to securing algorithmic placements

  • Access to Our Discord Server

    Access the community of like-minded data driven music professionals. Reach out directly to our instructors if you need help with your streaming SEO analysis assignment — or just want to ask a question


  • Who is this course for?

    This course has been designed for independent artists and music professionals alike (from label managers to music marketers, playlist pitchers, artist managers, and so on). If you work with platforms like Spotify and want to maximise the algorithmic exposure of releases you work with — this course is for you! Or, maybe, you just want to expand your understanding of the modern music recommender systems and develop your music business skill set. That's fine as well

  • What should I expect from this course?

    Our course on SEO optimization on streaming platform is an easy-to-follow, digestible video guide that would help you better understand and leverage algorithmic recommender systems across platforms like Spotify, Deezer and more. It's sourced by our first-hand experience developing music recommender system and years of working on the bleeding edge of music data products.

  • What is Music Tomorrow?

    Music Tomorrow was founded in 2020 by longtime music industry executive Julie Knibbe after more than 8 years of working at the bleeding edge of music data. Her past experiences include building up Deezer’s recommendation and discovery algorithms and heading the product team at Soundcharts, a one-stop music data platform providing music professionals with actionable insights to help them discover new talent and develop artist’s careers. Today, she’s leading Music Tomorrow to empower professionals and companies across the industry to access, understand and leverage data to grow their artists and businesses.